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scjobz stands for: Search Craigslist Jobs. It is a search engine designed to search craigslist job listings. has no affiliation, connection, association, origin, sponsorship, approval or endorsement by or with craigslist™.

Craigslist Job Search:

Search the craigslist jobs list for jobs in your area, desired career fields, specific companies, etc... The scjobz search engine will search craigslist for jobs across all US locations and job categories. Narrow your results by using keywords pertaining to your preferred job fields, desired companies, or preferred cities and/or towns.

Search Craigslist Jobs by Location:

The craigslist job list can also be searched by location only. Simply query the city or town of your choice. It is possible that town names can exist in multiple states, therefore, considering including a state abbreviation. It also possible to search craigslist for jobs in multiple cities using the following format: city1 OR city2 OR city3.

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